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Alaezi CM., Okorochi EC., Nnodim JK*


Moringa oleifera is a highly valued plant of great socio-economic importance because of its several nutritional, pharmacological and industrial applications002E The aqueous extract from the leaves of Moringa oleifera was evaluated for its organ toxicity by oral route of administration and to determine if the effect of the extract is dose and time dependent. Forty-eight albino rats were used for the study. They were administered orally with the leaf extract once daily for 3 weeks. Doses of 1000mg/kg, 2000mg/kg, and 3000mg/kg were given to
groups A, B and C respectively. At the end of the 8th, 15th and 22nd day respectively, sixteen rats; four from each group were weighed and blood samples collected. Tissues collected were immediately prepared histologically for haematoxylin and eosin stain. The stained sections were observed under the microscope using x40 and x10 objective lens. More so, oral treatments in rats caused varied significant changes in the weights of the animals. Clinico-pathologically, there were no significant changes in all the organs examined in the course of the study, while the mean values for the biochemical parameters tested among group A animals, were as follows: Total bilirubin(TB) (0.51+0.1mg/dl), Conjugated bilirubin (CB)(0.28+0.03mg/dl), Aspartate amino-transferase (AST)(9.25+1.0iu/L), Alanine aminotransferase ALT (8.25+0.05mg/kg), Alkaline phosphatase(ALP)( 44.5±4.8iul). While control groups were; TB(0.55+0.06mg/dl),CB(0.31+0.02mg/dl), AST (9.50+0.8iu/L), ALT (9.0+1.2iu/L), and ALP (48.75+5.5iu/L). For group B animals, the mean value results were;. TB (0.5+0.006mg/dl), CB (0.27+0.07mg/dl), AST (8.75+0.8iu/L), ALT (8.0+0.8iu/L), and ALP (45.0+5.6iu/L), whereas control groups were; TB(0.55+0.08mg/dl), CB (0.29+0.03mg/dl), AST(9.75+0.8iu/L),ALT(9.25+1.2iu/L), and ALP (44.75+4.8iu/L). Also, the group C animals had the following results: . TB (0.57+0.04mg/dl), CB (0.30+0.03mg/dl), AST (10.25+0.4iu/L), ALT (8.5+0.5iu/L), and ALP (50.2+54.7iu/L). While control groups had ., TB (0.58+0.04iu/L), CB (0.30+0.02mg/dl), AST (10.75+1.2iu/L), ALT (9.50+1.5iu/L), and ALP (45.75+3.1). All the biochemical parameters tested above were within the reference range as their values were not significant using the standard T-test hypothesis, having all “parameters of liver, as p>0.05, all through the course of the study”. The study concluded that Moringa oleifera leaf extract has no organ toxicity, it is time and dose dependent when within a dose of 4000mg/kg and it is relatively safe for consumption.

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