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Ankur Borah* and Anup Baishya


Skin acts like an anatomical barrier from deadly pathogens and their damages to the internal body organs as it acts as the first organ that gets contacted with external environmental stimulus and other factors causing damage to the body. Superficial fungal infection occurring in skin, nails and hair accounts about 8-10% in Dermatology OPD. Majority of cases comes under superficial mycotic infection. According to a study conducted in India 60.4% of the patient gave a history of recurrent dermatophytosis. Kustha falls under Santarpanjanya vyadhis and use of Viruddha Ahar Vihar or mutually contraindicated food plays an essential role in pathogenesis of kushtha which vitiates tvak, rakta, mamsa and ambu (lasika). Amongst common age groups the younger age people are seeing having more skin disorders due to more inclination to fast food or incompatible food and adopting sedentary lifestyle. In Ayurvedic texts the references of Superficial fungal infection like diseases is found on Ksudra and Mahakustha like Dadru, Sidhma, etc. Hence, the current study was carried taking detail history on their diet patterns and other day to day activities ie nidans that were described by acharyas in kustha adhaya with the aim to explore the effect of Aharja and Viharja nidan in tinea infection on 100 patients of diagnosed Superficial fungal Skin Diseases.

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