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*Nandre Pratik Ashok and Dr. Gulam Javed Khan


Paracetamol, usually referred to as Acetaminophen, is a drug used to treat fever and mild to moderate discomfort. Tylenol and Panadol are examples of popular brand names.[1] The advantages of paracetamol usage for fever are unclear because, at a typical dose, it only marginally lowers body temperature; in that regard, it is inferior than ibuprofen. Acute mild migraines may be helped by paracetamol, however recurring tension headaches may only be minimally relieved.[2] However, when the pain is minimal, the aspirin/paracetamol/caffeine combination is effective and is advised as a first-line therapy for both diseases. Ibuprofen is superior to paracetamol in terms of effectiveness for post-surgical pain management. Ibuprofen and paracetamol together have more potency and are better than either medicine alone. In osteoarthritis, paracetamol only offers little and clinically negligible pain relief.[3] There is not enough support for its use in treating neuropathic pain, cancer pain, and low back pain. In patients who cannot be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAID), such as those with bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer disease, haemophilia, salicylate-sensitive individuals, children under the age of 12, pregnant women, or nursing mothers, it is the treatment of choice. It is suggested as the initial line of defence against osteoarthritis pain.[4] The "redox" mechanism and impacts of central (COX, serotonergic descending neuronal pathway, L-arginine/NO route, cannabinoid system) and peripheral (COX inhibition) antinociception processes are all part of the complicated mechanism of action. Despite the fact that paracetamol is a medicine with good tolerance and minimal gastrointestinal adverse effects, there are increasingly more cases of paracetamol-induced liver intoxication being reported globally each year.[5] Numerous analytical techniques, including spectrophotometry, chromatography, volumetric electrochemistry, and polarography, were described for the measurement of paracetamol in pharmaceuticals. Since paracetamol is being utilised more and more for medicinal purposes, its identification and quality control are crucial.[6] One of the methods most often employed in pharmaceutical analysis for paracetamol determination is UV-VIS spectrophotometry.[7] In this work, we utilised UV-VIS spectrophotometry for determination paracetamol. In this work we have used nine different brands of paracetamol and coded as PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH, PI. These brands were analysed by using UV-VIS spectrophotometry for determination paracetamol.

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