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Dr. Minaj C. Kulkarni* and Dr. Meenakshi Thakur


Grudhrasi (Sciatica) is one among the eighty Nanatmaja Vatavyadhi described in Ayurvedic text. In todays era the changing lifestyle like shift duties, inappropriate posture, excessive two wheeler travelling, irregular dietary habits, no exercise, these factors produces stress on spine and responsible for disease like Grudhrasi. Patient bends or tilt towards the affected side and the involved leg in the fixed position with another normal leg. The gait has resemblance with that of gait of vulture. Lakshans of Grudhrasi in Ayurveda are similar to the symptoms of Sciatica in modern science. Sciatica is defined as pain that radiates along the track of the sciatic nerve, felt in the buttocks and down the back of the leg to the foot caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. Charakacharya has given the Lakshanas of Grudhrasi in Vata Chikitsadhyay (Ch. Chi 28/56) Vitiated Vata Dosha is responsible for it. So Basti is the best treatment for it. Yapan Basti is one of the types of Basti which is soft, safe and there are least restrictions pertaining to Kala. Almost all Yapan Basti are effective in Gridhrasi. But Sahacharadi Yapan Basti would be very effective as it contains Sahachar as a main ingredient. So it will decrease the stiffness present in Gridhrasi Materials - Classical literature of Gridhrasi and SahacharadiYapan Basti collected from Charak Samhita. Methods- Preparation of Sahacharadi Ksheer: Sahachar, BalaMool, DarbhaMool and Sariva each should be taken in Bharad Churna form in the equal quantity. Observations- Literature study regarding Nidana, Samprapti, Rupa of Gridhrasi, Sahacharadi Yapan Basti and drugs used are done. Conclusion- Sahacharadi Yapan Basti would be effective treatment for Gridhrasi.

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