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Dr. Twinkle Gupta*, Dr. Sukhdev, Dr. Poonam Gupta and Dr. Rajni Rani


50 cases of conjunctivitis studies comparatively with Haridra Eye Drops and with Soframycine Eye Drops, Clinically and bacteriologically observed that Haridra Eye Drops has a definite role on conjunctivitis. Bacteriological study shows the Haridra has a role to act on E. Coli, St. Aureus Klebshella and pseudomonas organisms Ayurveda is known for its existence and efficacy from times immemorial. Though, it is an old science, it has eight specialized branches of medicine. SALAKYA is oneamong them deals with the upper parts of neck which includes the brain, eyes, ears,nose, teeth and oral cavity. Though Netrarogas of 76 included in the Salakya, but SUSRUTA13 among others like CARAKA5 and VAGHAHATA11 ETC.,ELABORATELY DESCRIBED IN 19 HAPTERS (Susruta Sambita Ut) and inmany places they mentioned that NETRAJNA” Or NETRA CHIKITSK:” (those who are specialiesd and treat the eye diseases) shows that this subject of “NETRA” is a separate entity or speciality.“ABHISAYANDA is a common Netra (Ocular) Roga where eye produces more secretion (ABHIExcessive, SAYANDA =Secretion or Moist) and it is considered as an AUPA SARGIKA 3’10’11’12 (Contagious) by various way and cosmetics etc. with all the above saidstatements and its clinical signs and symptoms can co-relate with the modern ocular disease of the conjunctivitis”. It is a common ocular extra infectious disease in developing countries and in the west. It has been divided into 4 types by Susrutaand others as (i) Vataja (ii) Pithaja (iii) Kaphaja and (iv) Raktaja. Caraka excluded Raktaja and added Sannipata. They mentioned enormous treatment for it.Haridra (Curcuma-Longa or Turmeric) is an easily available, cheap, highly claimed as Krimighna6 drug selected and studied clinically and bacteriologically on scientific way on conjunctivitis in the Department of ophthalmology. Haridra is available freely in India and in Haridrais available freely in India and in tropics, and extensive literature is available in modern science about it. Basu quotes that Haridra has an antibacterial activity. Arora et al experimental work on rats has shown that it has an antiinflamatory ffects.Umagupta14 and Mehra et al8 suggested to use it in Non-ulcerative Keratitis. Haridra’s qualities like Tridoshaghna, Vishaghna, Soshaghna, VranahSoshaghna, Vranahara and Kandoohgna 6,9 are considered necessary to act onAbhisyanda.

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