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Dr. S. S. Sawhney*, Dr. Kamal Sawhney and Dr. Meenakshi Chadha


Introduction: The anthropogenic nuclear activities and the stockpiling of fissile materials like U-235 and PU-239 have brought the world on the brink of Third World War, dooming the humanity to the point of its doomsday. The global political intransigence had let to no breakthrough on disarmament agreement. Scientist see only a silver lining in science doing on the alternative for the humanity protection against the somatic and genetic effects of metallic radioisotopes sourced from the fallout of the nuclear explosion. The study in reference on the concept of de- radioactivity- antonym of radioactivity- the spontaneous disintegration of unstable nucleus of metallic radioisotopes to a proton and an electron subject to the free state of metallic radioisotopes-appears to be the best option to neutralize the metallic radioisotopes. Methods and Materials: Four virgin soil samples collected at the Tara Hills near Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology, Dehradun-248001(Uttarakhand) India defined with GPS coordinates were tested with TM-91/TM-92. The virgin soil samples emitted radiations in the range of 0.34-0.37 uSv/h whereas the treated soil samples with the aqueous solution EDTA or DTPA displayed 30% reduction in the emission of radiation. Results: The de-radioactivation of metallic radioisotopes has been realized and achieved by intra-trapping, fixing, embedding by caging in the metallic radioisotopes into the geometrics of EDTA and DTPA chelators, and stabilizing them strongly by bonding them with the primary and secondary valences and bonds forming 5 or 6 membered rings- the signs of strong stability of radioisotopes- chelators chelates. ERPs thereon EDTA or DTPA geometrics provide excess electrons to the nucleus of unstable metallic radioisotopes which probably would stop the forward decay, stripping them of their free state- the basic condition of their decay in the forward direction. The chelators have been found as the non chelators of stable and non metallic radioisotopes like oxygen, hydrogen, helium, carbon, krypton, xenon, fluorine, sulfur and chlorine etc. The whole study has been based upon and built up on the data on stable Co – 59 and Sr -89 isotopes. Conclusion: The EDTA and DTPA chelators, defined with the positional alignment of in their intrageometrics forming 5 or 6 membered rings – the signs of strong chelation, with the metallic radioisotopes, are the excellent option to de-radioactivate to prevent and pre-empt somatic and genetic effects upon humanity, and neutralize in the event of nuclear explosion on earth in peace and war and protect humanity and animal kingdom in the event of Third World Nuclear War, the possibility of which cannot be ruled out in future due to the fluid and volatile political situation in the world.

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