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Lokman Shamsudin*, Syarifah Ab Rashid, Azman Nirmal Abdullah, Wan Zahari Mohamed, Abd Rahman Aziz, Mohd Haaziq Saari and Hafis Harres Lokman


The high protein indigenous Cyanobacteria (Arthrospira geitleri) meal supplementation was fed to local female chicken, Gallus domesticus to ascertain its feed conversion, blood serum chemistry, anti-hyper-cholesterolemic effect and growth performance. Forty healthy female chickens (0.39±0.02 kg) were randomly allotted into one group fed standard diet (SD) and three other groups fed with different strength of Arthrospira supplement treatments for 40 days experimental feed trials. The dosage for the three diet groups viz. 1T group was fed Arthrospira supplement strength of 1g/0.5kg BW/d, 2T group was fed Arthrospira supplement strength of 2g/0.5kg BW/d while 3T group was fed 3g/0.5kg BW/d. The 3T group had elevated significantly (P<0.5) HDL levels by 9.2% (1.65±0.56 mmol.L-1) of its initial value (1.51±0.16 mmol.L-1 at day 0); while lowered the total cholesterol (TC) by 20.5% (3.10±0.66 mmol.L-1) of its initial value (3.90±0.46 mmol.L-1 ) on day 40 respectively during the study period. Furthermore, the blood TG and LDL levels were lowered by 27.7% (initial value of 12.6±0.03 mmol.L-1) and 40% (initial value of 0.30±0.02 mmol.L-1) for the 2T group respectively. This reflects the ability of the Arthrospira supplement to function as an anti-hypercholesterolemic effect on the treated chicken. The liver-kidney markers of the experimental feed trials showed that all the treated chicken, viz. GGT appeared to remain stable; however, the blood BUN, creatinine and urea increased by 43%, 12% and 48% for the treated group (3T) respectively of their initial levels all the way throughout the experimental period. Moreover, Arthrospira supplementation of the chicken had also elevated significantly (P<0.5) the protein levels by 15% and calcium by 5% of their initial levels for 3T group on day 40 respectively. Arthrospira supplementation of the chicken health and growth performance as well as its anti hypercholesterolic effect did not show any significant relatively gradual improvement with increase in the Arthrospira strength in term of dosage. There was insignificant differences between all groups in terms of their average final weights (p>0.05). Insignificant differences were observed in feed conversion rate (FCR) and weight gain. However, there were significant differences in terms of feed conversion rates between groups (p<0.05) and the value was better in those treated with Arthrospira supplementation ranging from 3.29 to 3.34 when compared to the SD group with an average value of 5.53. It has been shown that the best percentage live weight gain (308.2±29.5 g) and FCR (3.29±0.14) were recorded in Arthrospira treated group (3T). This also reflects the ability of the high protein meal supplement to function as an anti-hypercholesterolemic agent in local chickens. It also provided the betterment in the chicken health, blood chemistry and growth performance. The local indigenous Arthrospira geitleri effectively reduced the serum lipid levels and simultaneously induced the growth performance in chicken.

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