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Dr. Prakash Mane*, Dr. Dahake S. J., Dr. Jyotsna Gulhane, Dr. P. B. Jondhale, Dr. Surekha Atram, Dr. Mangesh Udmale, Dr. Sachin Rohani, Dr. Sanjay Babar


The description of Sheetapitta, Udarda and Koth simulates with description of etiology and clinical features of Urticaria. Urticaria is a troublesome disease that manifests as wheals which are edematous pink or red, intensively itchy at their onset surrounded by a bright red flare. It generally occurs between the ages of 20 to 40 years. About 20-30% of individuals have at least one attack of Acute Urticaria in their life time. Acute and Chronic types of Urticaria have a wide variety of allergic etiologies. The common physical Urticarias include Cold Urticaria, Solar Urticaria, Pressure Urticaria, Dermographism and Cholinergic Urticaria. Angioedema occurs alone or in combination with Urticaria, including Urticular vasculitis and physical Urticaria. Urticaria is one of the disease described under allergies according to modern concepts abides equivalent clinical pictures of Sheetapitta, Udarda and Koth. Sheetapitta, Udarda and Koth follows immediately after Kushta in Madhava nidana and Yogaratnakara, as this entire manifest in skin and are caused by three Doshas. Sheeta pitta is diagnosed clinically based on symptoms like Varateedashtavat Shotha, Kandu, Raga being caused or aggravated by exposure to cold or even moist wind. Presentation of Udarda also includes (Swayathu) swelling resulted from Kapha, caused by contact with cold water (Sheeta paneeya samsparsha) particularly during cold season (Shishirartha). Hemadri also mentions Vakshoabhishyanda (discomfort in the chest region), Sheethavepathu (shivering from cold), Sheetapaneeya samsparsha (swelling caused by contact with cold water), Raga (accompanied by redness) and Kandu (itching) as Lakshana of Udarda. Koth presents with almost similar symptom but only difference is the etiological factor Asamyak vamana or Chardi vegavorodha7 (improper emesis / suppression of the urge for vomiting). Similar features are mentioned as symptomatology of Urticaria in modern medical science. Common symptoms of Urticaria comprise intense itching, erythematous intra dermal vascular reaction manifesting as wheals or hives associated with burning sensation, fever and vomiting. Usually only symptomatic treatment is received by patients in primary setup leading to symptomatic relief, but the underlying actual pathology is not properly treated resulting in relapse. But it can be effectively managed by Ayurveda system of medicine. Therefore through this study an effort has been made to analyze etiology and pathogenesis of various types of Urticaria in scientific grounds and classify them under the headings of Sheetapitta, Udarda and Koth, and understand the etiopathogenesis, which would be contributory for initiating preventive steps and effective management.

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